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Matt McCall, Editor

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We’ve seen that happen time and again in the app development space, with the acquired company being valued at some incredibly huge numbers:

As great as those profits are, I haven’t even mentioned the potential profits that early investors could make if Apptigo were acquired by one of the big players (or hedge funds), handing ground floor investors like you an even bigger potential payday.

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Triple-Digit Profits and More

1.  Go online now or call your  discount broker to invest in Apptigo, Inc. (OTCBB: APPG).


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Dear Profit Seeker,


     To make above-average profits, concentrate on your portfolio on stocks receiving below-average attention!

     That’s why I’ve turned my eye towards the fast-growing $68 BILLION mobile app sector—a tech sector that didn’t even exist 6 years ago.

     The fact is companies developing mobile app software will be the big moneymakers during the next 12 to 18 months—no matter what the rest of the market does.

     And one of the big winners in this Mobile App Boom could be a select small cap well-positioned to turn today’s mobile app mania into a TEN-BAGGER return for you!

     In fact, Apptigo (OTCBB: APPG) is projecting 63 million downloads of its new THE SCORE app in the first two years after its release.      And what’s really nice is that my research into Apptigo reveals that the company’s numbers are actually pretty conservative—just as I mentioned in the report I recently sent you.

     And as you’ll discover in a moment, I believe it’s possible that Apptigo’s THE SCORE app could be generating $23 million in revenues within the next year. (And the cutting-edge, privacy-protecting app I’ll tell you about below could be an even bigger winner.)

     Buy APPG shares today, before these apps are introduced, and every $5,000 you invest could grow to $50,400 or more.

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The mobile app tech sector is exploding, creating unprecedented wealth for early investors.


And now you can to get your slice of this $68 BILLION pie, but timing is everything…


Acquired by Facebook for $19 billion!


App goes viral, shares soar 6,144%!


Acquired by Japanese

e-commerce giant for $900 million!


App goes viral, shares soar 300%!

Now an under-the-radar company I reveal below is about to unveil 7 revolutionary new mobile apps.And any or all of them could go VIRAL!


With millions of downloads the company’s revenue could skyrocket, potentially handing you a TEN-FOLD profit windfall…but only if you act FAST!


For my full analysis, keep reading after you take a look at the image below...


And because of that research I’ve just added Apptigo to my
subscriber “Buy” list. Let me explain…


The key to making triple-digit profits with these companies is to invest while the stock is still virtually unknown to most investors. In the case of Apptigo, Inc. (APPG), that means buying shares now, before the company unveils its exciting new line up of apps, starting with one called THE SCORE.


In just a moment, I’ll tell you more about THE SCORE... why I’m recommending it to my subscribers... and why it gives you insight into the type of under-the-radar stocks found only in my newsletter.


But first, let me share with you some of what my research uncovered about the mobile application software business...

“Ultimate leverage” makes millions!

An app development company like Apptigo, Inc. (APPG) might spend $100,000 or $200,000 to create an app that ends up being worth hundreds of millions of dollars if it goes viral.


Not many businesses out there can create wealth like that. Even more amazing is the fact that this process can often be accomplished in less than a year!


These numbers may sound far-fetched to those who don’t fully appreciate the power of the Internet, but my research uncovered numerous examples...


  1. To spread quickly like a virus.

  2. To become extremely popular through messages passed by email or social networking sites.

  3. To spread rapidly via the Internet, email or other media.

Turning $1 into $61 in just 10 months

Here are the types of real life profits that are possible…


On September 18, 2012, GungHo Online Entertainment released its Puzzle & Dragons app at a time when its stock was going nowhere.


On July 18, 2013, a mere 10 months after the app was released, GungHo’s share price had soared 6,144%.


Or take the case of Ateam, Inc. On June 25, 2013, it signed a deal with Microsoft to bring its Age of Empires gaming app to Apple’s iOS. A month later, the share price tripled.


Of course, these results aren’t typical and with any stock you invest in, your mileage may vary.


Puzzle & Dragons and Age of Empires are both gaming apps, the category that accounted for approximately 74% of all app revenue in 2013.


So it’s no surprise that Apptigo’s first app would be a gaming app. But theirs is a different kind of gaming app...

Gaming apps are the industry’s biggest moneymakers, but social interaction or dating apps aren’t far behind, accounting for more than $200 million in annual revenue—a number expected to grow to $2.3 billion by 2016.


Apptigo’s soon-to-be-released THE SCORE app is a cross between a dating app and a gaming app. Instead of targeting teens and preteens, THE SCORE is directed at the estimated tens of millions 18-and-over singles worldwide who use their smartphones and tablets to search for compatible partners.


And already across America its well-positioned to “go viral.”


Billed as “the ultimate interactive dating game,” THE SCORE allows individuals to determine their compatibility with another player by answering entertaining questions.


To maximize downloads, THE SCORE will be offered as a free app from Google Play, the Apple App Store, iTunes and other app sites. Users then have the option of playing the game free with the app’s basic features, or making in-app purchases of one or more enhanced features:

Management tells me that it expects to have 63 million THE SCORE users within the first 2 years. Based on my research, if just 5% of THE SCORE users (the industry average) pay for an upgraded feature, Apptigo, Inc. could be generating revenue in excess of $23 million within just one year.


With that in mind, it’s possible we could see Apptigo’s share price soar to $10.08 over the next 12 months—handing a potential 908% profit to those who invest while the company is still flying under the radar.


Now, I realize that if that happens, you might be tempted to take profits. But I urge you to hold on to at least part of your position because I think there’s a possibility for even greater gains...

For Your Eyes Only: Meeting the demand for online privacy

One of the apps in the company’s pipeline has the potential, in my opinion, to be even more valuable than THE SCORE. It’s called For Your Eyes Only and it’s designed to address a widespread (and growing) demand for privacy.


For Your Eyes Only allows users to encrypt everything (documents, photos, emails, etc.) sent from their smartphone or tablet to other users of the app. Recipients “unlock” the document using a special password that only they and the sender know.

And that brings us to what all this means for farsighted investors who are savvy enough to pick up shares for today’s price of around $1.


A potential big winner for investors who get in now while Apptigo is still under the radar


Having reviewed Apptigo’s business plan, spoken with the management team and researched this dynamic new sector, I’m convinced the company could make a lot of money for early investors.


In my opinion, Apptigo has remarkable potential. So much so that I believe my #1 Mobile App Tech Stock of 2014 has the potential to skyrocket to $27 over the next 2 years—a mind-boggling gain of 2,600%, enough to turn $5,000 into $135,000.


However, that’s my most optimistic, blue-sky scenario—and I’m never comfortable telling investors to count on scenarios that rarely come to pass.


Instead, I take a more conservative approach, and assume a few dark clouds will emerge as the company grows.


And the good news is, even after doing that, Apptigo (APPG) still looks mighty attractive—and I can safely say I believe the stock could go as high as $10.08 over the next year (a 908% gain) and as high as $13.45 over the next 2 years (a gain of 1,245%).


As you may recall, in the Special Report I mailed to you, I laid out several scenarios for where I see Apptigo’s stock going over the next two years.


Year One—a share price of $3.25 to $10.08


Year Two—a share price of $13.45 to $27.00

And the biggest payday of all?

Take the next step

What I’ve presented here is just a summary of my research on Apptigo, Inc. To get the full picture, I urge you to read Making Smartphones Smart and Investors Rich. This $29-value Special Report is yours absolutely FREE with a no-risk subscription to my newsletter, Flying Under the Radar Stocks.


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Your subscription also includes, at no extra charge, updates by email to alert you to important events between regular issues.


     You’ll have everything you need to lock in windfall profits with under-the-radar stocks on the verge of rapid growth.

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After ensuring a continuous supply of investment opportunities by subscribing to my newsletter, add some shares of Apptigo, Inc. (APPG) to your portfolio. I think you’ll be glad you did even before your first issue of Flying Under the Radar Stocks arrives.




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Copyright © 2014 Flying Under the Radar Stocks. All rights reserved.

Apptigo’s THE SCORE really could see 63 million downloads

And because both the sender and the recipient need the app to communicate privately, every sale is actually two sales.


When it debuts, look for the stock to extend whatever gains are achieved from the launch of THE SCORE. And as the other apps in Apptigo’s pipeline roll out, I think you can look forward to a continuously rising share price.


Here’s what’s coming down the pipeline…

911 Pronto!—This one app allows you to use your smartphone to immediately locate a nearby police officer.


Find Me —The company’s forthcoming Find Me app allows a smartphone user to instantly display his or her location on a map on another person’s phone.


I’m Bored—This app eliminates boredom by offering up entertainment options specifically tailored to the user.


What’s Up?—This app actually lets you scout out a place or event by sending a “shout out” to your connections, who then respond with rating cards so you know whether it’s worth your time and trouble.


Wine Me—This could be the first app that actually works to help determine which wines are right for your palate to unlock your inner connoisseur!

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Neil Cavuto

“Sometimes when everyone’s preaching doom and gloom, along comes a guy like Matt to not only make sense of it, but profit from it. Not only did he see the financial crisis coming but he saw our coming out of it as well. It's how we do and when we do that one of my best guests gets right to the point, and you, right to the potential. Invest well; Matt's got your back.”


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My name is Matt McCall and I’m the editor of Flying Under the Radar Stocks. Apptigo, Inc. (APPG), which I predict could make millions for ground floor investors, is typical of the little-known, early-stage companies I recommend in my monthly newsletter.


The secret to my success is good old-fashioned research.


Could be a godsend for millions of privacy seekers!


As many as 63 million expected downloads in just the first 24 months!


Users find men in blue, you get the green.


Could be far bigger hit than anyone realizes!

To claim your FREE Special Reports, click here mccall-bio PriceBurst29

$103 million payday: Playtika was founded in 2010, saw rapid growth and wasacquired the following year by Caesars Interactive Entertainment, a subsidiary of publicly traded Caesars Entertainment Corp. (CZR), for $103 million.


$900 million payday: In February of this year, Caesars acquired Pacific Interactive, a developer of social gaming apps, for a reported $90 million.


$19 billion payday: Facebook paid $19 billion for WhatsApp, a company with negligible revenue, no profits and only about 50 employees. And no, that’s not a typo. Facebook paid $19 billion, not $19 million.

Of course, talking about an acquisition at this early stage is premature, but if it happens, it will be some nice gravy on top of the profit projections I’ve just shared with you.


In any case, now is the time to snap up some Apptigo (APPG) shares while they’re still selling for under $2.

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...but how will they make money?


I recommended Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (LNGLF) in May, and in less than 2 months, the stock is up a sizzling 290%.


In June, I suggested readers of my newsletter snap up shares of GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH), and within 3 weeks, the stock was up 31%.


Last October, I recommended little-known IRIDEX Corp. (IRIX), and within 2 months, the stock surged to a gain of 75%.

That research explains why I’m able to regularly provide breathtaking profits to my subscribers, such as

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You could turn $5,000 into $50,400!

“How you can Profit in the Mobile App
Revolution of 2014”


Watch this shocking video about the booming mobile app market

Matt McCall–media superstar seen on Fox News and CNN, whose stock picks have soared up to 850%. Click above to watch the video now.

Matt McCall,

Editor, Flying Under the Radar Stocks


After the release of its successful Puzzle & Dragons gaming app, GungHo Online saw its share price explode by 6,144% over the next 10 months.